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Graphic design

Cărbune Design offers a wide variety of graphic design works intended both for online and printing uses. Check the diversity of our portofolio below:


They are usually printed. In A4, A3, A2 or even bigger formats. They make a great impact because they are physical: not pixels on a screen, but ink on paper. You can touch it, you see the light reflected on it, influencing the way you see it. It’s a different experience than an online anouncement. People will watch it a long time. Because you can’t scroll over it, you can’t slide away, you can tap forth. Anything you do (except for ripping it off), it is still there, unchanged.

So… it is important to do it right. Help the viewer see, process and act on the info. He can’t click on „see more” or on „register here”. You have to convince them just by this static printed version of your message. You have to anticipate their objections or hesitations in one very still image. It is a beautiful and effective process.

Facebook page/events covers

The cover is crucial. You can write all the amazing things in your event’s description or even title. It won’t matter if your cover image doesn’t trigger some interests and emotions. This image is the first and most important message for the decision making process of the viewer. It is always a good idea to invest in making it perfectly atuned to your purpose. Use the combination between a great photo and a great graphic design approach.

Very necesary! Both for B2B and for B2C. Online or print. You already have your client’s attention, so now it’s time you give them all the details they fancy, all they should know in order to be confortable with your offer. Give them all that in a balanced and structured manner. And they will be pleased.


Maybe you need it for your site, maybe you need it for a post on social media or maybe you want to print it on a three meter long sheet over your headquarters fence. In any case, it has to stand out, be awesome and be in line with your strategy and voice.


Very useful things – these little guys. The fact that people can keep the flyers in their hands will make them sense value. And meaning. Even if they drop them or misplace them, the pieces of paper are still there. Someone else will see them. And even if they don’t care, subconciously the information will make its way to their brain, ready to be activated at some point. It’s not magic, it’s just psychology. 😉


Whenever and wherever there is an event happening, people interacting or even only passing by, it’s a good brand awareness idea to have your roll-up nearby. It gives you prestige and your name might also apear in a lot of selfies 🙂


Of course you should start your branding or rebranding with your business’s name and logo. Make it simple but powerfull! Easy to remember and meaningfull!

And more…