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Website Creation

Domain, Hosting and Content – That’s all you really need for a decent website so people can find who you are and what you do.

See below exemples of websites created by Cărbune Design, from various fields and styles:

Services Presentation Website

For exemple, let’s say you have an accounting services company. Of course you need a website to explain what you do exactly, who your team is and how can people work with you.


Blog-type Website

Excelent for talking about your passions and hobbies or things that others might also be interested in.


Online Shop

You can use E-commerce plugins either for just showing your products (usually for B2B) or for selling them directly (B2C) through the website.


NGO-presentation Website

The example here is the website of a sports association, presenting its different activities, sports and events (including evertything people needed to register).


Professional Association Website

Everything about a professional association: how to join, news, members, contact.


Education Website

The website in the example belongs to a Masters Program of a famous Romanian University.


Artist Website

The showcase of your amazing art works is designed in such a way that it emphasizes and enhances their value.


Website for European Union Projects

Four european countries are involved in this huge project aiming to develop toursim in rural areas.


Blog-type Website (with visually impaired accesibility in mind)

High contrast and large text is important for the visually impaired.

See: https://oanabâ